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Everyday Jesus

Extravagant. Playful. Fierce. Cunning. Scandalous... All words you typically wouldn't use to describe Jesus, right? Sure, He's loving...



The Good Life

When you hear the words “good life,” what comes to mind? Many define it by the success that comes with the right education, career, marriage...


'Alive & Free' by Pete Briscoe

Alive & Free

What’s the difference between Christians whose lives look joyful and carefree while others look… well, quite miserable? Pete Briscoe opens God’s Word to show you that there is a pathway that leads to true Life and freedom in Christ.


Ask the Briscoes

How do I draw near to God in good times?

God uses trials to draw you closer to Himself. But how do you maintain that measure of nearness after trials have passed? Watch as Jill Briscoe describes the relational intimacy God intends to grow with you—through trials AND through deep experiences of joy in Christ.


How Do I Avoid Conflict While Living for Christ?

There's a tension that Christians know all too well. Though they seek to honor God with their lives, not everyone shares the same devotion to Christ. So how do you minimize conflict with others in your life while walking faithfully with the Lord?


What If I've Been Hurt by the Church?

God intends church to be a place where you’ll be blessed and be a blessing to others. But because of sin, things don't always seem to work out as they should. So how do you navigate the sad and serious matter of being hurt by someone in the church?



Jesus, Save Me

In this Easter message, Pete Briscoe opens Scripture to show the beautiful life of salvation, joy, and peace that’s available to those who ask Jesus to save them.



Walking with God through fear

Jill Briscoe recently appeared on radio and shared fascinating stories from WWII and missionary work in Vietnam. She also had some great advice for dealing with fear! Listen and be encouraged.


Faith and Politics

What role does faith play in politics?

Stuart Briscoe recently appeared on radio to discuss the role of faith in politics. Listen to Stuart's pastor perspective on morality, governance, and the authority of Scripture that makes sense of it all.


Experiencing Peace

In this Christmas message from Luke 2, Pete Briscoe prepares your heart to experience that divine peace announced by the angels. Pete encourages you to engage the Word of the Lord this season through reading, reflection, response, and, ultimately, rest.


Listener Stories

Meggie Joy's Story

Watch Meggie Joy share how God has used and continues to use Telling the Truth and the Briscoes to help her surrender to the Holy Spirit amidst difficulty.


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