You don't have to worry! You don't have to worry!

Find Peace

Don't let fear and worry steal your joy!

Do you struggle to get through the day because you're consumed with worry?

If you do, you're not alone. There's an endless supply of things to worry about, from job security, to personal safety, to health. It can consume us and distract us from living in the moment and from being in tune with God's voice in our lives.

We want to help you hand your worry load over to Jesus! Be encouraged through these messages and blogs below from Stuart and Jill Briscoe on the topics of worry and fear.

You don't have to win the war on worry in your own strength. Jesus wants to lift the burden of your anxieties and give you His peace in every moment.



Perfect Peace by Stuart Briscoe

Perfect Peace

Stuart Briscoe

Perfect Peace is Stuart Briscoe's simple and profound 2-message teaching about how we can truly, no matter our circumstances, experience a perfect peace that transcends human understanding.

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A Little Pot of Oil by Jill Briscoe

A Little Pot of Oil

Jill Briscoe

How do you find peace when your faith is completely out of focus? When the sheer weight of the moment has blinded you to the Holy Spirit at work on your behalf? Jill's message will remind you that God is sufficient.

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A View from the Porch Swing by Jill Briscoe

A View from the Porch Swing

Jill Briscoe

There are times we're walking in shadows that are dark and foreboding, and we're scared. Jill teaches from Psalm 23 and Matthew 11 to explain that no matter what is happening, we can trust in the Lord and rest in His green pastures.

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Me Worry?

Jill Briscoe

In this booklet, Jill shares her ongoing fight against worrying and how the story of Joshua...



Finding Peace and Rest

Evening with the Briscoes 2017

Could you achieve peace if you stopped worrying? Or, maybe worrying isn't your issue, but the constant stress in your life keeps you from finding peace.

How Should We Deal with Worry?

Jill Briscoe

What's worrying you? Do you know how to talk to God about it? Sometimes the pain is so deep that taking it to God can be the hardest thing. But don't waste the pain, God is waiting. Watch as Jill explains.

Can Believers Get Depressed?

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart answers the question, “Is it okay or ‘normal' for a believer in Christ to be depressed?”

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