Break free from worry and live with joyBreak free from worry and live with joy

Break free from worry… and start living with joy!

From the Desk of Stuart Briscoe
(written in July of 2022, prior to Stuart meeting the Lord on August 3, 2022)

Scripture is filled with pictures of contrasting realities.

There’s darkness and light, foolishness and wisdom, flesh and Spirit. There’s wickedness and righteousness, truth and falsehood, evil and the unlimited holiness of God… and then there’s worry and rejoicing.

The last of these pairs may seem somewhat peculiar. But consider, if you will, what worry and rejoicing indicate in people's hearts.

Worry may be described as inattention to present blessings through anxious preoccupation with future uncertainties.

Rejoicing, on the other hand, is an intentional awareness of one's current blessings through a resolved trust in God who providentially rules over every time, place, person, and detail.

It’s no wonder that Paul, writing to worry-prone people in Philippi, exhorted them to: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4).

Of course, the intentional transition from worry to rejoicing is often easier said than done. But the critical task of reorienting one’s response to God’s providence is made more manageable when broken down to its fundamental elements.

At its core, the rejoicing heart recognizes three important matters that mitigate against the anxious weight of worry.

First, rejoicing entails an honest recognition of who God is. Though many today imagine a God who thinks as they think, feels as they feel, and values what they value, such a God is made in man’s own image.

We must recognize God as He reveals Himself in His Word. It’s the invaluable record that bears witness to Christ—the height of God’s self-revealing enterprise.

So if you want your worry to give way to rejoicing, you must get to know God as He reveals Himself—in Christ.

Second, rejoicing entails an honest recognition of what God does. As King of kings and Lord of lords, God is reigning on His throne—exercising power and authority to the fulfillment of His good purposes. This brings me to my third point...

Rejoicing entails an honest recognition that God in Christ—reigning as the sovereign King of creation—employs His power for the purpose of love and intimate commitment to those made in His image.

That includes you, and that is cause for great rejoicing!

For in light of God’s commitment to reign with power in love for you, worry is exposed for the deficient practice it is.

All inattention to present blessing—and all anxious preoccupation with future uncertainty—is overshadowed by a settled trust in God’s loving providence and a grateful acknowledgement of His abundant grace.

I pray you take these truths to heart so that—settled in His sovereign love—you might begin to rejoice more and worry less. Thank you for your generous partnership.

 Stuart Briscoe


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