More Effective PrayerMore Effective Prayer

Prayer is your lifeline

Now's the time for a more effective prayer life

If there was ever a generation we can learn from about getting through a crisis, it’s Stuart and Jill’s.

We’ve heard them share many times their experiences as children in England during World War II. Their vivid stories tell of air raid sirens, the drone of enemy aircraft flying overhead, the crash of bombs exploding, and the sound of anti-aircraft guns defending them while they huddled in shelters seeking safety.

Their generation learned to cope and survive, then to thrive, and ultimately enjoy the thrill of victory. But in their stories, there’s one thing that supersedes all others…

They learned to lock their faith in God—and that meant they prayed. 

Today, as we face a global crisis, national unrest, upcoming elections, and widespread uncertainty, prayer must be our priority. Not just to see God move in those external circumstances—but for the sake of our own fragile hearts.

In moments of great need, we turn to our true friends. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable with them, share openly what’s troubling us, and humbly receive their comfort and care.

There’s no greater friend than Jesus—and He’s eager to hear what’s troubling your heart today.

Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). He is faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9). He is with us always (Matthew 28:20). And we know there is nothing but love, encouragement, and understanding in His presence.

The peace available through prayer simply requires us to take the initiative and start an honest and open conversation with God. He is ready and waiting to hear from us!

What better time than now—when you’re isolated, missing out on community, and surrounded by uncertainty—to take time with the One who will listen, counsel, and comfort your heart like no other?

Yes, this is a critical time to lean into prayer in a more intentional way. 

To help you revitalize your prayer life—and to thank you for your support of Telling The Truth—we’d like to send you a powerful 5-message series called More Effective Prayer by Stuart, Jill, and Pete. 

Sometimes it can feel like our prayers are bouncing off the walls instead of landing in the presence of God. But when times are tough—like they are right now—we desperately need a real connection with Him.

Thankfully, the Lord does want to reveal Himself to us, and strengthen our hearts, especially in challenging times. 

More Effective Prayer will rekindle your passion for prayer so you can experience God’s presence and see your prayers answered. We can think of no more helpful resource to give you right now… so please request your copy today.

Your incredible generosity helps ensure we can keep encouraging you and many others, like Neil, through radio broadcasts, online resources, books, devotionals, and more.  He recently told us:

“The daily podcast and the Sunday morning radio sermons have revived my dependence on Jesus and given me the power in my daily life to make it through these trying times for our country. I need these daily messages as much as I need to eat.”

Thank you for your partnership in sharing the Gospel when the world needs it most!

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You can have a more effective prayer life!

Prayer is your lifeline

by Stuart, Jill, & Pete Briscoe

What’s the secret to an effective prayer life—one where you’re eager to lose yourself in the presence of God and confident that your prayers are making a difference?

In their 5-message audio series, More Effective Prayer, Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe share how you can a more vibrant prayer life.

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More Effective Prayer

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