Newly married couple holding handsNewly married couple holding hands

Experience fullness of Life in your marriage!

One of my favorite TV advertisements I saw recently depicts a young woman driving her car into a driveway and jumping out.

She then opens the front door of her house and is hit with a barrage of sound that almost takes her off her feet. Music blares at full volume, furniture is stacked in a heap in a corner, a game of baseball is underway, and a huge dog is straining at his chain—objecting to exclusion from the game.

Disorder rules.

The woman’s face freezes in horror. She turns, slams the door, runs back to her car, jumps in the front seat, presses a button, and the seat reclines slowly. She closes her eyes, breathes deeply, and slips into a bubble of peace.

Now, I’ve no idea if the ad succeeded in selling cars, but it does portray the human longing for peace of mind and spirit… a home where tranquility reigns and a sense that “all is well” pervades.

These feelings and longings have been accentuated during the days of the pandemic. It’s now not altogether uncommon for families to have lost loved ones, for workers to have been furloughed, for children to be kept out of school, for families to run out of money, and for marriages to struggle.

And despite the promise of the ad I mentioned, there’s no car parked in our driveway that offers with the press of a button solace from all stress, healing for all ills, and a cure-all for life’s overwhelming demands.

It’s not lost on me at all that so much of the pressure from the pandemic has been placed firmly upon the very stitch that holds our families together. I’m speaking of our marriages.

As I’ve spoken to married couples over the past year, it’s become clear to me that many marriages are in tatters as a result of these unprecedented events.

What’s needed now more than ever is for our marriages to reset. The great news is that we have all we need to do just that… true regeneration and redemption are the hope-inspiring certainties that belong to the people of God!

So to help you find healing and experience more of the fullness of life God intends for your marriage, I want to send you Pete’s series called Modern Marriage.

Whether you’re unmarried, newly married, or have been married for years, this series will help you reorient your attitudes and actions so you can experience more of the joy, fulfillment, and companionship God intends in marriage.

Modern Marriage is our way to thank you for your faithful partnership in the global teaching ministry of Telling the Truth—so request your copy by clicking below today.

I’m so very grateful for your ongoing support. Through your generosity, you’re helping give hope to the downcast… peace to the anxious… and comfort to the weary. You give them the opportunity to experience abundant Life in Christ!

Every blessing,
Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe


You ask, God answers

Modern Marriage

by Pete Briscoe

Is there equality in marriage? When’s it time to see a counselor? Let God’s Word guide you to biblical answers for many of your biggest questions on marriage in the modern world. Seek His certainty and start experiencing Life in your deepest relationships today.

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