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Your New Identity

Who are you when you're in Christ?

We live in a world that's constantly trying to define us based on achievement, financial standing, appearance, or popularity. Many of us struggle under the force of these lies, and we end up believing false perceptions of ourselves.

So if you believe a lie about yourself, you start to live out of that lie. You end up in a reality you didn't want. But if you believe what God said is true about you, guess what? You will live the life He has for you.

So what does God say about you? Explore the resources below from Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe, and settle in your core who you are in Christ—and live in the freedom God has for you.

This month, we're also featuring a 6-message CD, USB, or DVD series by Pete, called Identity Defined. Click here to request your copy!

We pray that you will know who you are in Christ, and that you will live the Life He has for you!


Searching, by Jill Briscoe


Jill Briscoe

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? If you're searching for something, and you're not even sure what it is, this 6-message series from Jill will reassure you that you're not alone and guide you to the one source of satisfaction.

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Women Who Changed Their World

Women Who Changed Their World

Jill Briscoe

What does it take to change the world? Throughout history, God has chosen women to fulfill His plans—women like Eve, Sarah, Miriam, and Rahab. You'll be encouraged and excited to learn how God will work through ordinary people, like you, to do amazing things!

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The Essence of Christian Living

The Essence of Christian Living

Pete Briscoe

What is the essence of Christianity? Is it religious activities you think are important to God? The Apostle John would argue differently. Pete explores the freeing truth found in John's three letters that allows us to experience Christian living the way God intended.

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Living Free in Christ

Pete Briscoe

Talking on Galatians 2:20, Pete shares about the freedom and Life you can experience through the indwelling Christ.

Identity Struggles

Stuart Briscoe

Ask the Briscoes: What does it mean to have union with Christ, and how can believers enjoy the new identity they've received in Jesus?

Dependency on God

Stuart Briscoe

Ask the Briscoes: Does dependence mean we passively wait for God to act in our lives?

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