Heal broken relationshipsHeal broken relationships

Experience true healing and restoration in your relationships!

In the first chapters of the book of Genesis, the Lord surveyed all He had made and pronounced it “good” with one big exception.

Adam looked like a fish out of water because everything else seemed to have a partner, except him!

So, God provided a partner, Eve, and the happy couple used to walk with the Lord and learned about relating to Him and to one another. Their relationship to each other was tied to their relationship to the Lord!

God then commissioned them to work and take care of the created order. And they were to relate to the Lord, to each other, and to creation.

But we must face the fact that in all three of those dimensions there is ample evidence of relational breakdown to this day. So, what went wrong?

When the couple met with God, He gave them a road map to life in its fullness. The Lord committed to being an all-sufficient God, and they were instructed to respond to His bounty with loving, trusting obedience.

You know the story… they tore up the road map, inserted their own, and life went downhill from there. And in the relationships for which they were created, humanity failed and continues to come short.

It is not rocket science. Relate wrongly to God, and other relationships go wrong, too.

Not one of us is immune to the pain of strained and broken relationships. And right now, many of us feel this so keenly as the tumultuous and testing times of today have brought so many relationships to a breaking point.

But praise God this is not the end of the story… there is hope! 

That’s the truth that underpins a 6-message teaching series titled Healing Broken Relationships. This timely and practical series will help you recognize that the starting point for fixing broken relationships is accurately diagnosing the problem. 

You’ll learn how Scripture teaches that the root cause of all interpersonal strife is primarily spiritual—and that true healing is only found through Christ. 

The biblical narrative clearly explains what God is ready to do and how each of us is called to respond in order to move forward, reconcile, make restitution, and demonstrate acts of kindness toward those with whom we suffer a broken relationship

I pray it helps you find restoration in your relationships as you recognize God as the only source of healing and hope. Just request your copy below.

As you know, that’s the very heartbeat of Telling the Truth—to expose the disease that requires healing, explain the causes, expound the remedy, and explore the possibilities of the fullness of Life God intends.

So as we begin this new year of ministry together, please pray that God will work powerfully in the lives of those we’ll reach.


Every blessing,
Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe


There's hope for true healing

Healing Broken Relationships

by Stuart, Jill, & Pete Briscoe

Each of us knows the heartache of strained relationships. And this pain is especially acute as the ongoing uncertainty in the world has stretched many relationships to a breaking point. Get the Briscoes’ 6-message series Healing Broken Relationships and start on the road to healing and hope today.

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Heal broken relationships

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