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Relief from Suffering

God’s Healing Power

Have you wondered why God heals some and not others? Been frustrated that the suffering doesn’t seem to end? Despaired while you or a loved one wrestled depression?

These are heart-wrenching, difficult realities. This month, the Briscoes teach on the concept of healing—in all aspects of life. They open Scripture to answer some of the why’s and point to the hope found in our awesomely good and sovereign God.


'Finding Healing' by Stuart Briscoe

Finding Healing

Stuart Briscoe

Have you ever inwardly questioned why God miraculously heals some people while others are not —why He answers some prayers while others seem to go unheard? In the series, Finding Healing, Stuart Briscoe examines Scripture to help you find answers to your questions and further your understanding of God’s healing power.

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Pete Briscoe

The Healer

Pete Briscoe

Thankfulness finds its resting place at the feet of Jesus—our comforter, our protector, and our healer. This message is a reminder that Jesus was and always will be in the business of healing people in all areas of life. And even when he hasn’t healed as we hope, we can still trust Him in His sovereignty.

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'Making Sense of Suffering' by Stuart & Jill

Making Sense of Suffering

Stuart & Jill Briscoe

Jesus suffered brutality and death. The apostle Paul begged God three times to remove some type of affliction from him, but God declined. If God allowed His own son and His greatest missionary to endure suffering, we should try to understand why. In this series from Stuart and Jill, they turn to Scripture to answer several powerful questions on this topic.

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Can We Experience the Miracle of Healing?

Pete Briscoe

Where do you fall in your belief that God can perform healing miracles? Are you cynical—God doesn’t heal; skeptical—God used to heal like in the Old Testament but doubt He still does; or fanatical—God can and must heal? The truth is God is sovereign and we can seldom understand His ways. But in this message, Pete Briscoe teaches from Acts to show us three reasons why we can believe in God’s ability to heal and why we should put our doubts aside.

Can Believers Get Depressed?

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart answers the question,
“Is it ok or ‘normal' for a believer in Christ to be depressed? I ask because one of my church members asked me that question and honestly I didn't know how to answer. What do you think?”

Is God Sovereign Over Suffering?

Jill Briscoe

The Bible describes heaven in glorious terms—a place where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. But what about now? Drawing upon Scripture and a lifetime of experience, Jill Briscoe’s insight helps hurting believers reconcile the pain of this life with God’s glorious sovereignty.

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