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How the story ends...

What will the end times look like?

The world is feeling darker and more chaotic than ever. In a time when culture and Christian values don’t often align, questions can pile up about how much worse it’s going to get, when Jesus will return, and what the end times will look like.

We’ve put together the following collection of teaching from the Briscoes, and we hope you’re encouraged that even though the end will come and times will get tough, when you’re in Christ, you have nothing to fear!


Stuart Briscoe Series When Will Christ Return

When Will Christ Return?

Stuart Briscoe

The Bible says emphatically that EVERY knee will bow when Jesus returns. Every single person will see the majesty of Jesus and acknowledge Him Lord of all. The obvious next question is “When will He return?” In this rich series, Stuart Briscoe unpacks Scripture that details Jesus’ return and sheds light on how the promise of His return should affect the way you live.

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How the Story Ends Album Artwork

How the Story Ends

Pete Briscoe

God doesn’t tell us how our lives will end. But He does tell us how the world will end. In this 6-message teaching series, Pete Briscoe walks us through Daniel’s visions and unravels the symbolism and meaning to help us prepare for this time to come. And more importantly, to remind us about the wonderful and ultimate victory we’ll one day witness with our own eyes!

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End Times Series Album Artwork

End Times: What’s Going On?

Stuart Briscoe

In this series, Stuart Briscoe encourages you to dive in to the book of Revelation to unravel the apostle John's account of the heavenly realm and future happenings. He explains how to read Revelation, the key truths it contains, and how the words of Revelation can strengthen your faith.

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Hidden Treasures Album Artwork Thumbnail

Hidden Treasures

Jill Briscoe

Jesus' parables about the good Samaritan, the prodigal son, and the home built on sand are more than just entertaining stories. They illustrate important life lessons and provide a glimpse into the divine kingdom. Jill Briscoe digs deeper into these earthly stories with heavenly messages as she brings Jesus' parables to life in this series.

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Holding on to Christ in our trying times

Stuart Briscoe

When I was a pastor, one of the most common requests I heard was, “When are you going to preach on Revelation?” So I made two promises to the congregation: I will preach on it before I quit. And I will preach on it when I've figured out what it's all about!


Are you ready for His return?

Pete Briscoe

Our home was rarely messy when we were growing up. But sometimes “messy” depends on who is coming to the house. One Saturday afternoon when Billy Graham was holding a crusade in Milwaukee...


How heaven proves there’s a hell

Stuart Briscoe

If you ask most people, they'll tell you they believe in heaven. They love the idea of a God who takes everyone away to dwell forever with Him and experience the eternal pleasures of heaven.


Are you ready to stand before Christ?

Jill Briscoe

The words “judgment seat of Christ” can be a bit intimidating, can't they? I think that's because often when we hear the word judgment, we imagine ourselves sitting in court and waiting for an innocent or guilty verdict...



What crowns will Christians wear at the Bema?

Stuart Briscoe

Standing before their Savior at the Bema, believers will be crowned with blessing for the good they've done in the power of His Spirit. Watch as Stuart describes what Christians will experience in the presence of Jesus—blessing at the Bema and beyond!

Should I be afraid of Judgment Day?

Stuart Briscoe

The God of the Bible is totally loving and gracious. He's also righteous and perfectly just. So what does that mean for Judgment Day? Is it a time to be welcomed or something to fear? In this short video, Stuart Briscoe helps you gain a better understanding of what to expect on the Day of Judgment.

What happens if I’m sinning when Jesus returns?

Stuart Briscoe

What happens if you're sinning the moment He returns though? That's a fearful thought, isn't it? Highlighting Jesus’ own teaching on the subject, Stuart Briscoe encourages you to turn your focus from fear to faithfulness as the day of Christ approaches—waiting, watching, and working in the power of His Spirit!

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