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Break free from self-doubt

In Christ, you are perfectly capable

It’s me... Jill. I have something to share with you from a book I wrote called Here I Am, Lord... Send Somebody Else. Let me tell you why it’s on my mind.

I recently recalled a story that happened many years ago when I felt pulled in three directions and found myself thinking, I just can’t do this.

I’m sure you can relate—I don’t know anyone who can’t.

God asks you to do things that exceed your limitations and your comfort level, and you feel completely inadequate. 

You find yourself thinking, just as I have so many times over the years, Why would God ask me to do things that are beyond me?

But I’ve learned that God not only asks us to do things that are beyond us—He also asks us to do things we’re incapable of doing!

We see examples of this throughout Scripture.

In Luke 9, Jesus asked the disciples to do something they were completely incapable of doing—feed a crowd of more than 5,000 men, women, and children with no food supplies at hand.

Can you imagine what they were thinking, That’s impossible, there’s no way we can possibly do this!

I’m sure you know the rest of the story, the disciples brought Jesus five loaves and two fish, and in the hands of Jesus, that small offering fed every single person, with an abundance of leftovers!

Here’s the lesson for you and me

 In the hands of Jesus, not enough is always more than enough.

In the hands of Jesus, not enough is always more than enough.

It’s in our weaknesses and limited resources that Jesus demonstrates to us, through us, and to the world who He really is.  People look on and say, “That MUST have been God!”

Yes, God does ask you and me to do things that are over our heads.

Maybe He’s asking you to seek healing in a painful relationship… help someone else financially… extend forgiveness to someone who hurt you… switch careers... or something else that seems impossible, inconvenient, or uncomfortable.

Whatever He’s asking you to do, it doesn’t matter how ill-equipped you may feel. All that matters is that you willingly place whatever you have in Jesus’ hands.

Jill Briscoe

Jill Briscoe


I’d like to help you trust God with what’s over your head by sending you a copy of my book called Here Am I, Lord… Send Somebody Else as thanks for your gift today to Telling the Truth.

In the book, you’ll find Scriptural answers that refute the reasons we come up with to say no to God—so you can break free from self-doubt and fulfill your God-given potential in Christ.

Break free from self-doubt!

Here Am I, Send Somebody Else

by Jill Briscoe

Today’s comparison culture can leave you feeling like you don’t measure up. But in Christ, you have infinite potential. Get Jill Briscoe’s book Here Am I, Lord… Send Somebody Else, for help to break free from feeling inadequate so you can fulfill your God-given potential in Christ.

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Here Am I, Send Somebody Else book & mug


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