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Most of us are familiar with the adage, “It takes two to tango.” The phrase acknowledges that some things require cooperation and a degree of synchronization.

Communication is one such thing.

Much ink has been spilled by communication experts trying to discover why so many are proclaiming the Gospel, but relatively few are listening. I asked the late Dr. John Stott about this and he said, “People are not rejecting the Gospel because it is untrue, but because they think it is irrelevant.”

Stott’s assessment undergirded a conviction I developed years ago as an evangelist trying to relate to unchurched British youth. I learned that we needed to present the text of Scripture by asking and answering three questions:

  1. What?—What was the writer of Scripture trying to say?
  2. So what?—How does that truth apply to me?
  3. Now what?—What do I plan to do about it?

Relevance looms large when answering these questions honestly and practically.

Far from irrelevant, the literature of the Near East included eminently practical stories and proverbs drawn from the everyday experience of the ancients. When the Israelites arrived in the Promised Land, they too produced wisdom literature—including Job, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs.

These writings drew from their own experience and that of the ancients... but with one great difference. They anchored their teaching in the living God and His Messiah who would be the personification of divine wisdom.

Old Testament scholar Dr. R. K. Harrison explained that wisdom literature “might be said to describe the art of being successful.” It preserved lessons developed over centuries on how to succeed in every dimension of life. Now that’s of great relevance!

With this in mind, Jill and I have combined examples of our teaching on wisdom in a 3-message series, A Lifetime of Wisdom, which we would like to send you for your encouragement and edification. And as an additional token of our appreciation for your faithful support, we'll also send you an 8x10” frameable art piece featuring Hebrews 10:23, to help you continually remember God's faithfulness in every season of life.

Speaking of antiquity: there’s no better time to let you know that we are quietly and thankfully celebrating the 50th anniversary of this ministry!

It all began with reel-to-reel tapes. That’s not exactly antiquity, but it’s close! And as people began to request recordings of our teaching, a burgeoning production line developed in the basement of our family home.

Things changed significantly when a friend said, “If your message is worth hearing inside these walls, it’s worth hearing outside too. I’ll show you how to get on radio.” So our tape operation took on new life and was taken to the airwaves!

The broadcast began as one weekly half-hour program—that was our budget!

But as living things tend to grow, so Telling the Truth began to spread. We’ve since branched out to the UK and Europe, partnered with stations in southern Africa, and multiplied stations in the United States.

Of course, as the internet came into being, it wasn’t long before the ministry took different shape. But the message remained the same.

There’s much more to this story. But suffice to say that for 50 years, God has sustained the ministry through up times and down times. And He’s done it through faithful followers of Jesus, like you, who have invested so generously in the ministry.

Jill and I are grateful for you, and we praise God for allowing us to go on serving Him, you, and all the people He will reach through the Gospel of His Son, Jesus.

So be sure to request our 3-message series A Lifetime of Wisdom—along with the 8x10” frameable art piece featuring Hebrews 10:23. And thank you, as ever, for your wonderful support!

Every blessing,

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe


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