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Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the son of God. He came to present to us God's gracious gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

Jesus was sent to free us from the chains of sin, from everything that holds us back from being all that God created us to be, so we can experience fullness of life in Him (John 10:10).

Jesus was fully man and fully God. Like us, He was hungry and thirsty. Like us, He was tempted by wealth and power. Unlike us, He didn’t sin, He didn’t give in. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and birthed by the virgin Mary, the son of God entered the world in humble circumstances, in a manger, not a mansion. Although a king, He came as a vulnerable child into a humble family in a tiny town in Judea.

He came because He loves us.

He didn’t put himself before others but sacrificed Himself for all of us and was completely obedient to His Father, to our heavenly Father, to God. Jesus taught many things, but the two most important were, first, that we should love God with all our being, with everything in us, and, second, that we should love other people like we love ourselves—no matter who they are or how much they’ve hurt us. He didn’t put Himself first.

He put others before Himself because He loves us.

Jesus performed miracles to show people who He was. He demonstrated His power over disease by healing people, His power over nature by calming the waves of the storm, His power over evil by casting out demons, His power over death by raising Lazarus from the dead and by rising Himself after He was crucified.

Jesus told us that if we believe in Him—that He is the son of God sent to save the world—then we are forgiven of our sin, and after we die, we will live with Him forever in heaven, where He is now. Sin separates us from God, who is holy. Jesus restores our relationship with God the Father when we ask for forgiveness of our sins and believe in Jesus. He intercedes for us with God. His death was the price for God’s mercy and grace for us. He wants us to live forever with Him in heaven and experience complete joy.

He performed miracles, voluntarily suffered a torturous death nailed to a cross to pay for our sins, and then rose again.

He died for us because He loves us.

When you accept Jesus as your Savior, as your rescuer, you are changed. You might still be tempted to sin, but it doesn’t seem natural. Why? Because Jesus lives within you and through you and sent the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort you.

He lives in you to be ever near you because He loves you.

One day, Jesus will return. He will take all believers to heaven with Him and judge the rest of mankind. But for now, we live in the age of grace. Grace is love we can’t earn and don’t deserve but God freely lavishes it on those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

You only have to believe in Jesus, accept Him and invite Him into your heart, and let Him transform you. He offers himself freely to you. He offers you the precious gift of eternal life.

He offers Himself to you because He loves you.

The messages and articles below dive deeper into who Jesus is.


Everyday Jesus Series Artwork

Everyday Jesus

Pete Briscoe

Extravagant. Playful. Fierce. Cunning. Scandalous... Words you typically wouldn’t use to describe Jesus. Sure, He’s loving, compassionate, gentle, and wise, but have you ever wondered if Jesus cracked jokes, acted in socially unacceptable ways, or got angry? In this series, Pete uses the Gospels to examine Jesus’ multi-dimensional and dynamic personality, highlighting different characteristics of Jesus that will deepen your connection to Him.

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What Did Jesus Do

What Did Jesus Do?

Stuart Briscoe

A serious battle rages within us every day as we try to decide what we should do—an internal conflict that has led to the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” It’s easy to speculate about what Christ might do, but our conclusion is not always accurate. As Stuart explains in this series, a better idea is to study what Jesus DID do, learn why He did it, and then apply that to our decisions.

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The Heartbeat of the Master

The Heartbeat of the Master

Jill Briscoe

In this series, Jill paints a revealing picture of Jesus by studying statements He made at critical moments in His life. From His childhood and baptism to His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and His crucifixion, Jesus was always dedicated to "doing His Father's business.” This intimate portrait of Jesus gives us clear direction on how, amidst triumphs and struggles, we, too, can live focused on the Father.

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Go Ahead and Ask

Go Ahead and Ask

Pete Briscoe

Pete Briscoe asks seven hot-topic questions concerning Christianity. He gives Scripture-guided responses, and he encourages us to go ahead and ask the challenging questions—the ones we may fear to ask, but the questions Christ is eager to answer.

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How to cultivate peace and contentment

Jill Briscoe

I had a wonderful mother who always looked out for my siblings and me. When she'd send me off somewhere, she'd get out her purse, open it, and say, “Here you are, Jill. It's ‘just in case' money.”...


His pain, your gain

Pete Briscoe

The images in the movie “The Passion of Christ” stunned us all. After decades of dissecting the meaning of the Cross, some of us had become...



Living Free in Christ

Pete Briscoe

How do you move beyond living through your flesh, living in an area of disappointment—a place between your expectations and your reality? Pete talks on Galatians 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” In this message, Pete shares about the freedom and life you can experience through the indwelling Christ.

What does it mean to be “in” Christ?

Stuart Briscoe

The world pressures you to define yourself by your achievements, wealth, and popularity, but these lies can have disastrous effects on your peace and joy.  The good news for those who are in Christ is this: HE defines your identity! Stuart describes what it means to have union with Christ and how believers can enjoy the new identity they've received in Jesus.

What does it mean that Jesus intercedes for us?

Jill Briscoe

Weighed down by dark days and personal hurts, you may struggle to see Christ through the chaos. Drawing attention to one of the Bible's most remarkable truths, Jill offers a beautiful reminder of the comfort you can find in knowing Jesus as your ever-living Intercessor.

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