When you’re willing to follow God anywhere but home, there’s good news for you.

God created you to enjoy an intimate relationship with Him and others. But after the year we just finished, many people’s relationships feel strained to the breaking point, especially among family.

Perhaps you’re feeling that strain today, which makes it all the more difficult to joyfully obey one of God’s primary calls on your life—sharing the Gospel with your loved ones.

You’re willing to spread the Good News in your workplace, your neighborhood, even overseas… just not with your family. There’s too much baggage, too much pain, too many stories better left untold.

I understand; those feelings are real. That’s why I love the brief scene in Luke 8:26–39. Encountering a demon-possessed man who had been driven to the outer limits of his town, Jesus expelled the legion of demons that tormented him with a single command.

Two very different reactions followed. The man clung to Jesus, but the townspeople begged Him to leave. The man’s friends, neighbors, and family feared Jesus and reacted to Him with hostility. Sound familiar?

As Jesus turned to depart, the man begged to go with Him, but Jesus responded, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you” (v. 39). He told the man to return to his people—those who had just rejected Jesus—and share the Gospel with them.

Jesus knew there would be no better demonstration of salvation than for the people who knew the man the most to see his transformation up close. That’s true of you as well. It’s a hard command, especially if your family past is filled with wounds, but thankfully you’re not alone.

God is with you every step of the way, and He will supply you with all that you need. In this new year, take Him at His Word and watch Him work through you to help your family experience Life in Him.

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