We continue to live through unprecedented times. And if we’re honest, they can sometimes be a little scary. But because you’re in Christ—and you know He’s coming back—you can feel certain about the future in ways the world doesn’t.

Let me share why...

The second half of the book of Daniel and the entire book of Revelation are what scholars call “apocalyptic literature.” They’re prophecies—history told before it happens—complete with graphic glimpses into the unseen world.

God uses apocalyptic literature to convey important truths. One commentator named Brent Sandy describes it this way:

“When people are nearly blind, we increase the font size. When people are nearly deaf, we turn up the volume. When people are mentally handicapped, we use visuals. Well, God is increasing the font size, turning up the volume, and using visuals because He doesn’t want us to miss this.”

The Bible’s apocalyptic literature was written for believers who were struggling, waiting, and waning in their resolve. And it’s a great source of hope for Christians because the writings answer the question, “Why has God allowed things to get so bad?”

Through books like Daniel and Revelation, God tells us these troubling days are moving toward the last day. So don’t lose hope! Despite what you see in the world or in your own life, God wins. You don’t have to worry!

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