Christians are notorious for only asking questions that they already have answers to. — Tony Campolo

I think there are only a few answers to the vast majority of the questions that people are asking today. The problem is this: Many times we are asking the wrong questions, or we have become dulled to the answers that really make a difference.

Asking the right question can lead us to some astounding conclusions. It can also be terribly disconcerting. I ran into one of those questions while reading Bruce McNicol’s book, TrueFaced. I’m going to share it with you so that you can be disconcerted, too. (I don’t want to be disconcerted all by myself! Kind of lonely being perplexed all alone!) Bruce poses the question like this:

“I want you to imagine you’re walking through the woods on a quite narrow path, and you go on that path for quite some time, and all of a sudden it comes to a Y, and there’s a path going off to the right, and there’s a path going off to the left, and there a sign right down the middle … The marker leading to the left, says simply, PLEASING GOD! The one leading to the right, reads TRUSTING GOD! It’s hard to choose one over the other because both roads have a good feel to them. We discover there’s no third road, and it becomes obvious that we need to choose one … We are not able to jump back and forth, only one, and the one we choose will indelibly mark the way we live.”

Give careful thought to the paths of your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. (Proverbs 4:26)

Which way is the right way? Before we start to search out the answers, I only ask that you would pause and pray and ponder the question. Which road are you on? Which one will you choose for the future? Are you trying to live a life that is pleasing God? Are you choosing to trust Him?

Holy Spirit, You are my Counselor. By the truth of Your living Word, and the reality of Your presence inside of me, I ask that You would lead me this week. Lord, I stand aside and ask for You to work in my heart and in my mind. Give me the willingness to allow You to search my heart and reveal my thoughts so You can answer my questions correctly. Amen.

Taken from Pete’s 365-day devotional book Experiencing LIFE Today.