Should I take a new job opportunity? What am I going to do with my life? Am I going to get married? And if so, who do I marry?

I remember in my younger years talking to my dad as I was thinking about my future and all these decisions were out in front of me... like a daunting puzzle to be solved.

That’s when he shared a metaphor that’s been so helpful and encouraging when it comes to understanding God’s will. He said, “Pete, God’s will isn’t like a tightrope; it’s like a playing field.”

When you’re on a tightrope you have only one step to make. If you make it correctly, you stay upright. If you miss it, either to the left or to the right, you fall to your death.

But things are much different on a playing field. If you imagine yourself standing on a football field, for example, you’ll see that you have boundaries. You have in bounds and out of bounds, and anything in bounds you’re free to do. You have room to run, and have fun, and succeed, and work hard, and be creative, and help others. God’s will is like a football field.

So, it’s not as if God has only one career for you to step into. The truth is, there are numerous careers you could enjoy. There are even numerous people you could marry and make a life together. You have the freedom to step into what you feel led to do, within the boundaries God has set in place for your good.

So, don’t imagine God’s waiting for you to solve some divine puzzle or else you’ll fall off your tightrope. Consider instead what is biblically in bounds, ask a trusted friend or pastor to speak into your decision, then use the freedom God’s given you to make a choice and move forward.

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