The Bible says we’re dead. That’s kind of creepy. It doesn’t sound like the “Good News” everybody needs to hear.

Actually, it’s one of the most amazing, powerful truths in God’s Word: We were crucified with Christ, and we’ve already died.

But what have we died to? And what are we living for?

In Galatians 2:19, the apostle Paul declares, “For through the law I died to the law so that I might live.” Whether we realize it or not, whether we act on it or not, we are dead to the laws of performance-based works. We are dead to the notion that we can do anything to earn additional favor from God.

That’s powerful! With clarity, we can embrace the truth that only Jesus can do what we never could.

In some divine way, when Jesus died on the cross, we did too. Reaching across time, our souls cried out in anguish—the same anguish as Jesus on that cross—and right there, on the cross, we released our last breath and said so long to an empty life and a dizzying need to perform.

And that death serves a most beautiful purpose…

So that you might live.

In new life, filled with His breath, you’re called to leave behind a life of “what ifs” and “not good enoughs” to live a life of acceptance and “more than enoughs.”

You’re called to live—and let Christ live through you—until the day He calls you home!

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