If you've ever driven a car with manual transmission, you'll know what it's like to hit the gas pedal only to realize the car is in neutral.

It's a dangerous place to be—with no momentum, no power, and no hope of moving forward.

Many Christians are in neutral spiritually: drifting, distracted, and disengaged.

If you're in neutral, your family relationships will suffer.

I know because I was stuck in neutral not so long ago.

In my marriage I was in neutral—and we just coasted along. Without even realizing it, Libby and I got to the point of living single lives alongside one another, rather than the rich life of oneness God intends.

With my kids I was in neutral—so distracted by the busy pace of life that I neglected them.

I'm so thankful God took hold of me and got me back into gear! And it doesn't come by trying harder…

Friend, the only way to get back into gear is to be transformed by Jesus' incomparable love!

You can hear more about living life in gear—and find Life-changing Truth for yourself—in my Families Made New 3-message CD series. I'll send you a copy as my thanks for your gift today, along with my mom's powerful book, Fight for the Family.

Both of these resources will help you get into gear spiritually—for the good of your family and the glory of God! Click here to check these resources out!

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