Inspired by Psalm 23.

When healing oil was needed
      for the wounds within my soul, 
When battered raw and bleeding,
      I needed to be whole. 
When enemies surrounded me,
      and all I knew was fear, 
My Shepherd came and found me,
      and whispered, “I am here.” 

He lifts me on His shoulders
      and laughs in fear's face, 
He carries me through danger,
      and all I know is Grace. 
Then gently puts me down again
      though enemies abound, 
He tells me I am dear to Him,
      for I'm the sheep He found! 

He leads me to green pastures
      and rests me by cool streams, 
He lays a table for me
      within my darkest dreams. 
The nourishment is such
      that when it's time to follow on, 
I gladly face tomorrow,
      for all my fears are gone. 

So when I cannot thank Him
      for all that's comes to pass, 
I'll feast within the wilderness
      and wait for greener grass.
When I can't praise for what's been done,
      I'll lift my voice out loud 
And praise my Lord for who He is
      “in” what He has allowed! 

Praise who He is, my Shepherd dear,
      who gave His life for me, 
Who's led and fed and raised the dead
      to live in Victory! 
Whose rod and staff have saved me,
      from all my sinfulness, 
He'll wipe the tear, be ever near,
      in Glory's Everness. 

Jill and Stuart Briscoe© 
Telling the Truth 
Copyright July 2012