Do you ever notice how some people get a little twitchy when you talk about healing? They do. But if you think about it, Jesus has always been healing people.

One of my favorite stories is in Matthew 21, where Jesus upends the money-changers' tables in the temple. Right in the middle of that fiery scene, it says: “The blind and the lame came to him... and he healed them.” He just couldn't help Himself. He's our Healer.

You see, Jesus didn't just create you. He also sustains you. And if you're alive, it's because He's been keeping you alive and healing you, moment by moment. He's your Great Physician.

The truth is, Jesus brings healing into our lives every day, but we don't always recognize it as healing from His hand.

Maybe you've had surgery and now you're doing great. It's completely appropriate to thank your surgeon, but he just cut something out or sewed something together. What happens after that is the miraculous post-op healing that only Jesus can do.

Perhaps you had a broken relationship and that person came to you and initiated a reconciliation process. Who healed the relationship? Jesus did. He's the healer. The person initiating contact just set the stage for Jesus to do His magnificent work of healing.

Or maybe you've had a deep emotional wound that you've been carrying since you were a child. But a counselor has walked you through it in the power of the Spirit, and now you're on top of it. Thank the counselor, but who healed you? Jesus did. The counselor set the stage. Jesus healed the wound.

You may not realize it, but you're being healed in many ways, every day. Let's remember to thank Jesus because He is the One who heals us.

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