I had a wonderful mother who always looked out for my siblings and me. When she'd send me off somewhere, she'd get out her purse, open it, and say, “Here you are, Jill. It's ‘just in case' money.”

She became known in our family for her purse and her “just in case” money. Each time she'd give it to us, we'd ask, “What's this for?” She might say, “Well, what if you get stuck and need money for the bus? Or you have an accident and need money. It's ‘just in case' money.”

You don't need to be anxious about anything, because you have a God who, as Philippians 4:19 says, “will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” God's purse of provision is never empty! And He promises to meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches.

So, what do you need? Do you need freedom? Do you need serenity? Do you need joy? Hilarity? God will give it to you according to His will.

That's the way to overcome worry and cultivate contentment in your life—to remember that God is running this race with you. He has given you all the “just in case” money you'll ever need in the precious person of Jesus Christ! 

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