My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.  —Galatians 4:19

Christ in you. It's a pretty wild concept when you think about it. Just like a baby grows inside his mother, so Jesus grows us from the inside. And as He does, He begins to show in our lives.

Paul was desperately trying to get the people of Galatia to understand what it meant to have Jesus formed in them. They had come to know Jesus but then turned back to the law. They were worried about the days and the weeks and the festivals and the feasts. They had turned from Jesus and Jesus wasn't showing in their lives.

What does it look like when Jesus expands in our lives as we give him more and more room in us?

I know a guy who was offered a tremendous promotion that would have required an uprooting of his family. His kids were doing great in school, and his wife had a sense of purpose in the community. So he turned down his promotion. His Jesus was showing.

I know a woman who met over coffee with younger women and just listened and encouraged them in their lives. When she's listening and encouraging, her Jesus is showing.

When Jesus begins to grow in you, He will inevitably show. Our job is to simply submit, to let Jesus show through us as an overflow of our relationship with Him!