It’s a story you’re familiar with and one you believe: Christ was crucified and rose again on the third day. And He went through all of this for you! But would you say you’re experiencing the reality of the risen Christ in your life today? In this 20-day Easter reading plan, Pete Briscoe walks you through Jesus’ final days on Earth and shares how you can experience the impact of Christ’s resurrection in your everyday life.

Listed below are the devotionals for each day! We hope you enjoy.

1  Set your hearts on things eternal
2  Don’t pass over Passover
3  Allowing Jesus to serve you
4  Letting Jesus serve through you
5  What to do when you feel like Judas
6  Resting in His strength
7  Are you listening?
8  Letting Jesus’ love flow through you
9  The Holy Spirit lives in you
10  When things go from bad to worse
11  Identifying with Christ
12  His pain, your gain
13  Beyond symbolism
14  Your true source of love and acceptance
15  Where Christ is in your suffering
16  The power of Christ’s resurrection
17  Having faith in the resurrection
18  The transforming power of the resurrection
19  The hope found in an empty tomb
20  Forever changed by the living Jesus