Staying on track

Any man is capable of jumping the rails. The wise man knows how to get back on track.

Conversation and confusion

As humans multiplied, they not only put up big numbers, they began to have big ideas...


The leeches of dissatisfaction will drain you, but the vitamins of contentment will sustain you.

Children and discipline

Discipline is intended to save young people from foolishness and lead them into wisdom.

Honesty—the best policy?

Proverbs says, “It is better to be poor and honest than rich and crooked.”


When counsel and care are in short supply, that’s when long-standing friendships pay off.


Should you argue with a fool or not argue with a fool?

Looking and learning

If you learn to look, you’ll look and learn—and you’ll pass on to others the valuable lessons you’ve gleaned.

Rich man, poor man

No one—rich or poor—is either unloved or insignificant in the Lord’s eyes.

Endangered species

The godly believe that truth is precious and that people are important.

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