Quietness and confidence

In every situation, turn to the Lord, quietly and confidently, and expect Him to work! He will!

Ask Stuart

How do I make the step from knowing to trusting?

The help of humans

Sometimes God has to take strong measures to get our attention and drive certain lessons home.

What God wants

What God wants is no mystery—He wants thankful, trusting, faithful children.

Trust and obey

God’s commands are indeed sweet, and obeying them is really the way to go!

Watch your back

Conventional wisdom today is that people cannot be trusted and will abuse any trust another may place in them...

Fly high

Inadequate knowledge of the Lord led to an insufficient grasp of His purposes and an inferior experience of His love.

Hairy and scary

At times life gets hairy and scary. How a person behaves at such times speaks volumes about what they believe.

Last words

Last words carry extraordinary weight because they are memorable, and they often pack an extra punch.

The way forward

We have an opportunity every day of our lives—to choose or refuse to trust.

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