Cheap grace

If we are to avoid the abuse of God’s grace, we must accept the disciplines of discipleship.


Faithful, sensible servants have nothing to fear—their Lord is faithful and sensible, too!

Trust and obey

God’s commands are indeed sweet, and obeying them is really the way to go!

Wayward heart desire

We need to stop pretending and offer ourselves to God’s healing touch.

Peace and order

Ordering our lives according to the orders of the God of order... That’s an order!

Youthful vigor

Those who read Scripture will be called to make some changes, some of which will be uncomfortable.

God’s shining face

The face is controlled by a mass of muscles. It can be contorted in 1,000 different ways, but smiles are what we long to see!

Doing right under pressure

In times of stress, substituting human effort for obedient faith is skydiving without a parachute and flapping your arms instead.

Delightful obedience

Obedience is not the means whereby we merit blessing. It is the evidence that we are grateful for blessings received.

Spiritual laws of gravity

The pathway for God’s people to enjoy all that the Lord had provided for them was, and is, to obey God’s laws.

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