Dedicated donkeys

More often, the Lord does not ask us to die for Him; He calls us to live for Him—a matter of lifelong service.

The impatience of God

God’s patience is not inexhaustible, and it should not be abused or taken for granted.

God has no favorites

When artists portray Justice, she stands tall and blindfolded, with a pair of scales in one hand and a drawn sword in the other.

God and genes

God promises that He can give a man the power to do what is right even when his natural inclination is wrong.

Private and public morality

The aim of the godly person is to “walk in righteousness, in paths of justice.”

The troublemaker

There are troublemakers in all walks of life—in the office, at the church, in Congress, and on professional sports teams....

Paying attention

We are prone, like children, to allow our attention to wander.

Cheap grace

If we are to avoid the abuse of God’s grace, we must accept the disciplines of discipleship.


Faithful, sensible servants have nothing to fear—their Lord is faithful and sensible, too!

Trust and obey

God’s commands are indeed sweet, and obeying them is really the way to go!

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