A man called “Peter”

The challenge for Christians is often more in demonstrating spiritual courage than engaging in physical confrontation.

Gentleness and greatness

Perhaps David’s greatest moments were not when he was triumphant on the fields of battle...

Generation gap

There comes a time for the older generation to allow the younger to take the lead.

Accepting responsibility

There’s great difference between one who won’t admit his own failure and one who takes the failure of others upon himself.

The main thing

Lack of focus and inner turmoil spell defeat for any organization, not least the church.

Fired with enthusiasm

Wise leaders know how to keep the fires of enthusiasm burning while avoiding burning people out with exhaustion.

Respect must be earned

Leaders who demand respect often do not receive it. But you can respect a leader who leads by example,

No time to go wobbly

“This is no time to go wobbly, George.” That was the message Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of the United Kingdom...

Visionary leadership

Godly leadership is more about vision than gender.

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