Knowing God

For real

Dottie liked her drinks and she was at the end. Like so many others, she looked for the relief from life’s problems at the bottom of an empty bottle.

Do you take it literally?

The little phrase “born again” became really popular in the seventies. Jimmy Carter was our President, and he said, “I am born again.”

Behavior or being?

When Jesus said that we must be “born again,” He wasn’t talking about a behavior change, or change of our political affiliation, or even believing in a certain creed

Beyond born-again babble

In our culture today, “born again” is definitely a loaded phrase. Those two words have been politicized and socialized so much that to the outsider they are little

Nicodemus and you

He came seeking truth. And he came at night. A member of the Jewish-ruling council—the Sanhedrin—an exclusive council that ruled the religious life in Jerusalem

Are you writing a better story?

I’ve read a lot. Every once in a while, I come across a book that says something in such a way that I want to give it to my child and say “Wow, do you get this?!”

You are double-justified

The writers of Scripture used some pretty impressive words to describe powerful theological truths. One of those words is justified. I’m afraid the word has lost

Your sins are yesterday's news in Christ

In the ancient days, there was a table in the town square. On the table they’d put a very thin layer of wax—and this was their newspaper! The sun would rise in the morning

Realizing your union with Christ

In Revelation 1:17, when the apostle John was ushered into Heaven in the vision, he found himself in the presence of the Almighty One...

Your internal renewal

We’re living in a very interesting chapter of the “Great Story” of human history. Eden is in the past. The great crisis emerged because sin separated...

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