God's Will

Does Jesus still heal people today?

We know God has the ability to heal. But maybe you’ve had the experience of praying for someone to be healed and yet they’ve died.

Let the Spirit lead you step by step

Some people have the impression that God's will is like the high wire in a circus. The acrobats climb the ladder to the top of the tent, where they get on the wire

Trusting when God says no

During difficult seasons in our lives, it can appear as though God isn't listening to our prayers. Maybe it's because our prayers...

Naming the misleading voice

Most of us have two voices in our head – narratives that run through our mind. Both are small inner voices, and both can offer similar words.

Name that leading voice

Sometimes I get nasty emails. One morning as I was reading one of these rare gems, this little voice inside me said, You should write THIS back. It wasn't very nice.

That inner voice

Not every voice we hear inside our head is the voice of God. We know that. This is why Libby put up a sign in our kitchen that reads: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK.

Life-or-death decisions

If we could ask a butterfly, “Would you become a caterpillar again?” I imagine it would say, “Are you kidding? No way!” No one would go back.

Open and listening

In college my dream was to become a professional basketball player. I practiced and practiced but had a difficult time getting playing time during the games.

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