Running the race

Scripture exhorts us to “run” the life of faith seriously—with intensity and endurance!

Staying on track

Any man is capable of jumping the rails. The wise man knows how to get back on track.

Staking the claim

In the days of the California gold rush, the miners rushed to stake claims to land that they believed held a fortune...

Fiery trials

Knowing what God is doing through the trials helps God’s people not to miss a step!

Embracing the wait

Waiting is the workshop where we learn to trust in God and lean on Him.

Believing and blessed

There’s a major difference between believing in a hunch and believing in God’s Word.

Quietness and confidence

In every situation, turn to the Lord, quietly and confidently, and expect Him to work! He will!

What God wants

What God wants is no mystery—He wants thankful, trusting, faithful children.

Doing right under pressure

In times of stress, substituting human effort for obedient faith is skydiving without a parachute and flapping your arms instead.

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