The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus’ prayers show us the desires of His heart, and it also shows what He desires of ours.


Jesus made sure He prepared His disciples for successfully walking in the Holy Spirit.

True disciples

True disciples seek to live in such a way that will point people toward God and will demonstrate His power.

Heart to heart

Good coaches know that when things are going badly, it is necessary to call a team meeting.

Slow learners

The disciples had no shortage of data about Jesus—just a shortage of application.

Bragging rights

Paul had a religious heritage that would impress anyone... and he disavowed it all!

A healthy body

In order to be spiritually healthy, believers must take their place in the community of the fellow redeemed.

Point of view

In Rome, Paul was in deep trouble—but it did not bother him at all...

Cheap grace

If we are to avoid the abuse of God’s grace, we must accept the disciplines of discipleship.


If the believer becomes nervous about the demands of devotion, he should remember its delights...

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