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You are double-justified

The writers of Scripture used some pretty impressive words to describe powerful theological truths. One of those words is justified. I’m afraid the word has lost

Your sins are yesterday's news in Christ

In the ancient days, there was a table in the town square. On the table they’d put a very thin layer of wax—and this was their newspaper! The sun would rise in the morning

Realizing your union with Christ

In Revelation 1:17, when the apostle John was ushered into Heaven in the vision, he found himself in the presence of the Almighty One...

Your internal renewal

We’re living in a very interesting chapter of the “Great Story” of human history. Eden is in the past. The great crisis emerged because sin separated...

The Hero inside you

Not only does each of us need a hero, but let’s be honest, each of us wants to be a hero. Deep down inside there’s that desire to be looked up to...

Giving credit where credit is undue

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross gave us things that are, truly, too great to fully understand. Throughout the Great Story of human history...

Your personal Hero

War stories are filled with heroes—men and women who put themselves on the line for the good of others, sometimes using their own bodies to protect someone else.

Your crisis, His solutions

Heroes respond to needs. They see the crisis and take action. Jesus took radical action! He spanned the gap of eternity to enter our world and then gave it all.

Enter the Hero

Every story needs a hero. Just when everything seems lost and there’s nothing left to do about it, hope and help comes from the hero just at the right time

Your identity and His wrath

With enough negativity bombarding us every day, why talk about God’s wrath when talking about our identity in Christ? Because it gives us the fuller

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