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Incomplete labels

Do you ever lie awake at night and consider your last weeks, last days, and last hours? It amazes me that a day will come when my heart no longer pumps blood through my body.

Much more better

One of the hard things that adoptive families experience is the time spent staring at photographs while trying to guess the child’s personality. Does that smile mean she’s

Consider Jesus

When life is unbearable, we’ll consider anything to release the burden. Some consider shopping to be therapy. Others consider receiving another raise...

God's better Word

Author Christopher Booker suggests there are only seven basic plots used in storytelling and that every story told from the beginning of time falls under one of these seven plots

Fix your focus

Here are some things I wish came with a handbook: Raising teenagers, replying to abrasive comments on Facebook, and deciphering a mechanic’s estimate.

Drifting and desire

A young woman recently shared that she was in an unknown season of her life. She suspected God was birthing something great in the heart of her family, but the wait seemed endless...

The best prayer I can pray for you

Okay, we are almost done. Next week the holidays are officially over and we get back to life as usual. But first, it’s time to flip the calendar—and for some reason, we make a pretty big deal out of that

Next year, listen up!

Researchers have determined that advertisers bombard us with approximately 2,000,000,007 messages a day telling us to buy, buy, buy. Then, there's the news channels telling us to worry, worry, worry

What's in your account for next year?

Most of our New Year's resolutions don’t survive through Valentine's Day. By then, it’s too late to cancel the year-long contract at the gym, the budget is blown by a couple extra dinners out a week

Whose will—yours or His?

The big problem with New Year's resolutions is that they begin with the two words, "I will… ". Mustering all of the sincerity and dedication that we are capable of, we determine

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