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Can you take the heat?

Back at camp, we were cooking some s’mores around the campfire. We had the graham crackers, the chocolate all ready to go and the marshmallows on the stick. Just one...

Can you face the light?

It happens every year at camp. At the evening campfire, there’s one camper who has the newest, brightest, turbo-charged flashlight. It nearly has a car battery...

Closing the distance between you and God

Sin separates. The cross closes the gap. The separation caused by sin is haunting, actually. We were created for the very purpose...

Do you see the crisis?

God has put us in the middle of an amazing story—the Great Story of His mercy and wrath unfolding in history. But do we “get it?” I mean, do we really see...

Who you are and who you would have been

The Bible and life are filled with stunning contrasts. We need those contrasts to put things in perspective. What’s one of the most important contrasts?

Don't miss the Big Picture

Without the big picture view of human history, we can lose perspective on some of the most important elements of the Great Story. If you’ve ever walked into the middle

Getting a Glimpse of God's Holiness

You have to admit, the Bible starts out pretty darn sweet. In a flash, God creates everything from nothing. It’s so good that He calls it, well, “good.” After He creates

Your role in the great story

Good stories. We love them. We watch them. We read about them. And we are living them. Almost all good stories follow a pattern.

Getting the full picture of God's Grace

I was taking a walk with my daughter at a camp some years ago—through the woods, down into the river, and up the cliffs—great father-daughter moments.

Are you clouding the issue?

Disobedience tends to cloud the experience of His love for us. I’ve seen this many times. My wife was talking with a friend who was living in disobedience.

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