Christian Living


When hatred takes over, clear thinking checks out.

Health and wealth

The less we know of suffering, the less we turn to the Lord for help.

Running the race

Scripture exhorts us to “run” the life of faith seriously—with intensity and endurance!


Your thought-life can corrupt your society but, more significantly, it can condemn your soul.

Suffering for doing right

“If you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.” — 1 Peter 2:20

Foreign travel

“Honorable behavior” goes a long way for God’s kingdom—whether at home or abroad.

Born again living

People may ridicule a claim to be born again—but they respect a the one who lives it.

Bragging rights

Paul had a religious heritage that would impress anyone... and he disavowed it all!

A dark world

Let your lives shine” is not a suggestion—it’s an order!

Get a life

Christ is a cause worth living for, and one worth dying for.

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