Our boiling pot

A couple of years ago, someone from the outside warned us. It was one of our church planters from India who’d never been out of his country before. After a week of visiting here, somebody...

Raising the shield ... again and always

For twelve days, my prayer life went through the roof, as I struggled to find stability in a situation where I had no control, no certainty, and nothing on earth that could contain my fear.

What we're really looking for

Every once in a while, Hollywood nails it with gripping honesty about eternal truth. It happened a while ago on TV’s “ER.”

Finding your roots

There’s a great big reservoir in northern Texas that has a decent-sized river flowing from it. In the spring, a whole bunch of water is released out of the reservoir into this river.

Arrows aimed at you from within

Satan's arsenal against Christians is immense. His attacks from the outside are pretty obvious, but did you know that one of his favorite and most effective weapons comes from inside the Church?

Are you humble enough yet?

I'm a quick learner. Pain does that to you. At least, it should. A number of years ago our family was at a camp. Of course, there was tons of stuff for us to do...

Whose approval do you seek?

Jesus defied logical intuition by the way He lived. This is very evident in the way we will be rewarded by Jesus when we stand before Him at the Bema Seat, where believers...

How to perform an impossible task

Our world says, “If people are ungrateful or unkind to you, blow ‘em off, let them have it back!” As Christians, we usually don't say that (at least not at church on Sunday).

How to endure when you want to quit

I heard a story this week from one of our missionaries about a boy in Iraq, a believer in Jesus. He was pulled off a bus because he was wearing a cross necklace...

Serving those who can't serve you

A number of years ago a family showed up at our church with a little boy named Tanner who was autistic and also loved to run around. He joined one of the Sunday school rooms.

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