Finding rest in the vine

Howard Hendricks once said, "I have never met a Christian who sat down and planned to live a mediocre life." I believe that's true. Shortly after entering into a personal relationship with...

Trusting the Master Gardener

The branches of a grapevine must be trimmed back if the whole plant is going to grow properly. Without a good pruning, the thing goes crazy and ends up in an overgrown tangled mess.

Finding your place

The disciples were born in the Old Covenant and they died in the New Covenant, which means that they lived in a completely unique time in history. Their relationship with Jesus...

Finding your false vines

Pascal was brilliant. The French mathematician and physicist was way ahead of his time. He created the first adding machine, pioneered incredible advancements in science

Who Jesus is in you

Grapes and grapevines were important back in Jesus’ day—very important. They were an essential part of the people’s lives—a vital source of nourishment and nutrients.

The mystery of your faith

If we are to be sincere, if we are to be honest, if we are willing to be real about our faith and our beliefs, we must regularly return to the realization that much of what we embrace...

Making boredom a thing of the past

If your household is like my household, things start to go really, really badly when there's nothing to do. It usually starts with kids wandering aimlessly...

Being fully free in Christ

Back in Paul's day, the Macedonians were dirt poor. In a devastated drought-stricken land, many of them would have been sleeping in the gutters, except...

Your full inheritance as God’s child

Normally, when we hear the word inheritance, we immediately think of money, cars, houses, and businesses passed on to us by a relative.

Being truly alive

I'm sure you've already realized that this whole “identity thing” is really important to me. Knowing who we are in Christ is… well, I think it's one of...

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