Don’t pass over Passover

In the last meal the disciples shared with Christ, we see realistic images of what it means to be in Christ.

Why you shouldn't rush God's timing

Ever wonder why God kept the mystery of the good news of Christ hidden for so long? Generations went by before this most profound truth in the universe was finally unveiled.

The joy and mystery of pursuing Jesus Christ

It’s not supposed to be easy to figure God out with our minds. If it was, they’d have an iPhone app for it by now. BUT the process of allowing Him to reveal Himself and His ways in His time is one of the most fulfilling parts of pursuing Him.

The power of being crucified with Christ

Christ lives in you today. He knows how to worship, He knows how to serve, and He knows how to live His life through you to bring you joy and to bring God great glory.

The purity of your heart

As we battle the flesh for control of our hearts, we depend on the Spirit to remind us that we have been made new in Christ.

What it means to be genuinely spiritual

Your spirit is where your identity is truly found. Everything that is born again and made holy by Christ is in your spirit.

Jesus will take care of your soul

No other word really communicates the depth of humanity as much as the word “soul.” When music or any other form of art taps something deep within us, it’s tapping something very soul-ish—the part of us that can’t be seen.

Let the Holy Spirit take control

Today, are you allowing the Holy Spirit, Who is inside of you, to have His way with you and your body? Or are you trying to control things yourself? The answer to those questions can make all the difference in the world for you today!

The truest true for you

By discovering who you are in Christ and who He is in you, rest and peace can be yours.

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