Dying without fear

Libby and I were listening to a TED Talk by Ivy League lawyer, Elyn Saks. She was sharing her struggles with schizophrenia and what it was like from inside her heart and mind.

What can we do while we wait?

If you have a child in your life, chances are you’ve had this conversation: “If our house was on fire and you could only save one person, who would you choose?”

Waiting in the "until"

Have you ever had a flight delayed during the summer after you’ve boarded? It’s the worst. It doesn’t matter if the shades are closed. Those nickel-sized vents...

Why does Jesus wait?

One of our parenting challenges was recognizing when to get involved and when to stand back. Sometimes Libby or I would overhear conversations

Who exactly is in charge?

If I saw a man getting mugged at gunpoint but didn’t do anything, I would miss the opportunity to be heroic, but who would blame me for avoiding harm?

Why isn't He putting a stop to all of this?

When I hear of the persecution and execution of our brothers and sisters around the world, only one prayer comes to mind—Jesus, come back. It’s the most honest

The best infection

During the 1900s, the death rate for nine different diseases dropped by 100 percent. By exposure through injection, public immunity was generated, and life expectancy increased.

Take my word for it

I’ve been known to read a book simply because of its endorsements. New author? Terrible cover? No problem if it’s supported by someone I trust.

Putting second best in its place

Sometimes the difference between best and second best is obvious. Other times we’re choosing between two good things—like taking a new job with a raise or staying

Do you know if you're drifting?

Sometimes my wife and I will be talking about something when, just for a moment, we’ll transition to a different topic. Then she’ll say something like...

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