The devil made you do it?

In the 70s a popular comedian, Flip Wilson, came up with a great tag line. He would do something wrong, get caught, and emphatically use this excuse: “The devil made me do it!”

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

There are days where I don’t look, feel, or even smell righteous. I am the one who looks in the mirror and sees the wrinkles, the extra pounds, and the thousand other areas that need improving.

Tapping into the power of a habit

A long time ago, in a house far, far away, my kids learned to walk. First, a “scootch” became a crawl. Then, a crawl became a stand. Then, a stand became a step… followed immediately by a fall.

Living as an offering

We’ve been investigating the question, “How do I live in holiness?” That’s a heavy-sounding question, and it seems like the answer is going to be loaded with a bunch of religious do-it-yourself pressure.

Stepping beyond your belief

Belief doesn’t automatically cause life-change. That’s probably one of the biggest hiccups in evangelicalism today: We think that if we know something in our heads, we’re automatically...

Summoning forth the awesome beauty of Christ in you

I, for one, am really glad that God never gave us the “what to do” without also giving us the “how to do it.” When God calls us into holy living, the call comes with the emerging conviction that our lives are supposed to be different.

Leaping into your new existence

We’ve been digging deep into our identity in Christ, focusing on the Christ-like nature that we have since our old, sinful self was crucified. But how do you jump into this new life?

Flesh in perspective

It doesn’t matter what flavor of flesh you favor (USDA Choice, Homemade Vanilla, or Yuck), living by the flesh just doesn’t work. Those with USDA Choice flesh end up self-righteous.

Figuring out the flesh you battle - Part 3

The last flavor of flesh identified by Gillham is Yuck flesh. Yuck flesh is failure flesh—those who feel they are out after the first three pitches; those who compare their performance to others...

Figuring out the flesh you battle - Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the first kind of flesh that Billy Graham identified. The second kind of flesh Billy Gillham identifies is Homemade Vanilla flesh.

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