Is your church off base?

Some people are grace-based. Others are not. Some churches are grace-based, others are not. Every individual and every institution can be works-based by trying to use law...

Beyond grace

I have to be honest. There's a difference between Christians who embrace grace and those that do not. Sometimes those that are not living in grace have a hard time understanding why...

Have you graduated from grace?

When learning to read and write, teachers first taught us “sight words.” These are basic words like a, and, big, blue, can, go, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one.

Do you greet grace?

We’ve been studying what it means to be “in Christ,” a phrase found in the opening line of Paul’s letter to the Colossians...

Watching your words

Words are powerful. Words that label us are some of the most powerful of all… and all of us have them. The problem is that many of the sinful labels seem to brand us and actually...

Keeping in step with the Spirit

I like that short poem. It was a favorite of Hudson Taylor, an English missionary who took a huge step of faith to take the good news about Christ to China in 1854. “The steps of faith … fall on the seeming void ...”

Your nature or your nurture?

Believe it or not, there is a controversy going on that is even older than whether we should sing more hymns or more choruses in church. It’s the “nature vs. nurture” debate. There’s a lot of discussion...

The devil made you do it?

In the 70s a popular comedian, Flip Wilson, came up with a great tag line. He would do something wrong, get caught, and emphatically use this excuse: “The devil made me do it!”

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

There are days where I don’t look, feel, or even smell righteous. I am the one who looks in the mirror and sees the wrinkles, the extra pounds, and the thousand other areas that need improving.

Tapping into the power of a habit

A long time ago, in a house far, far away, my kids learned to walk. First, a “scootch” became a crawl. Then, a crawl became a stand. Then, a stand became a step… followed immediately by a fall.

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