Money and meaning

People too often trust in temporal things that pass away, rather than in the eternal Lord from whom all things come.

Getting rich

While there are noble poor people and rich rascals, as a general rule the lazy languish and the productive prosper.

Sexual freedom

Modern society is certainly blasé about adultery, but shame and stigma, ruin and regret are still part of the package.

Getting wise

Amassing information is not the same as being wise.

Questioning God in ignorance

God believes in freedom of speech... but He also holds us accountable for what we say.

Brace yourself

Sadly, more often than not, man wants to brag about himself rather than brace himself.

At odds with God

A decision to agree with God is common sense; and to stop quarreling with God is the smart thing to do.

Bad things happen

God makes everything, even evil, serve His purpose, and He brings eternal good out of temporal evil.

Respect must be earned

Leaders who demand respect often do not receive it. But you can respect a leader who leads by example,

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