Are you Able or Abel?

If your kids are driving each other nuts, you can find some comfort in Cain and Abel. They were the first brothers on the planet and waged the first sibling rivalry...

Skipping the middle part

Jesus loves the Father and lived His entire earthly life fully dependent on the Spirit who dwelt within Him—and He calls us to do the same.

Gambling on God

When we chose to trust God (rather than try to please God), we enter into the realm of faith, believing in what cannot be seen; yet acting as if we can see it.

Trusting God with the small stuff

Life is filled with little burdens. Lots of them. You know, the details of life like bills and carpools and in-laws (not my in-laws, of course). The flesh tells me that God...

The road less traveled

I was brought face to face with a paradoxical, perplexing dilemma—a question that all of us must answer: Am I trying to live a life that is pleasing God, or am I trusting God?

Your identity option

If you are striving to “please God,” there are a bunch of voices in your head telling you things like this: I should be more sold out for God. I should care more. I need to get on fire.

The road most traveled

Religion is all about “pleasing God.” If we have to choose between that and “trusting God,” “pleasing God” seems to be the logical choice.

Which road are you on?

I think there are only a few answers to the vast majority of the questions that people are asking today. The problem is this: Many times we are asking the wrong questions...

How NOT to serve God

Do you tend to serve because you are afraid God will reject you if you don’t? Do you serve because a preacher stands at a pulpit...

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