Wrecking perfection

In seminary, my evangelism professor told us to share the Gospel with people who didn’t know Jesus. This was hard—everyone looked pretty saved to me

Forgiven and forgotten

In Old Testament times, the Day of Atonement came once a year. On this day, the high priest required two goats. One goat was sacrificed, its blood spread in the Holy of Holies...

No blood, no forgiveness

Can you imagine walking into church on a Sunday morning and seeing the pastor with a rag in his hand, wiping down the auditorium with blood...

Better blood

Most of us have been students of the Apology Economy of Forgiveness from a very young age, as our parents tried to mold us into model citizens

In effect upon death

After Dean Smith—legendary basketball coach from the University of North Carolina—died in 2015, his last will and testament ordered that a letter

Will saying "I'm sorry" be enough?

Years ago, I attended a conference geared toward creating places where unbelievers feel comfortable and safe learning about Jesus. One pastor said something

It's that simple

I know it sounds too easy: Tell Jesus you sinned and ask for forgiveness. I can tell you confidently that it wasn’t easy for Jesus.

Shredding curtains

Perhaps the guiltiest conscience in all of literature belongs to Pip, Charles Dickens’ main character in Great Expectations. Scholars have suggested Pip

Erasing guilt

When I counsel married couples, I’m always amazed by the Spirit-led ability to forgive one another; and yet I’m heartbroken by the human inability to forgive ourselves

A completely clear conscience

Elementary school was a difficult time for me; I was picked on quite a bit. One afternoon as I waited for the bus, a classmate ridiculed me relentlessly

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