An exile in a hospital

Lois was well into her 80s and just had one of her joints replaced with a new, artificial one. She had a couple complications with the surgery though

A pastor's nightmare

Thursday was always my big study day. That’s the day I’d lock the door of my office, turn off my phone, and dig deep into research and development for Sunday’s sermon.

The problem of evil

All this talk about living in exile—about God working backstage and meeting our needs while we live our lives on stage—well, that all sounds pretty good…

God's gifts to us in exile

How was it that Daniel and his friends thrived in the midst of exile? Certainly it was a huge step when they drew the line and they stood their ground about moral issues

Drawing the line

The Babylonian exile ushered in a very dark season for the Hebrew tribe of Judah. Their king had been delivered into the hand of their enemies. Articles from their precious

The Hero's entrance

Shakespeare, of course, was a genius. Among the ranks of the all-time great creators, his works will likely endure until the end of human history (but no longer than that!)

Peeking backstage

Some people don’t believe that there is a backstage at all. They believe that all that can be seen is all that exists. Nothing behind the scenes, nothing beyond the material world

Behind the scenes with Job

Job never even knew they were talking about him. As he did his best to make sense of what was happening on the stage of his life, he had no idea that a conversation

Not our home

If indeed, like Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” nobody would sign up to play Daniel. I sure wouldn’t. Would you?

Who's directing this mess?

In the world of theater and movies, everything focuses us on what is happening on the screen and on the stage. The same is true for our lives, isn’t it?

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