Really, until death?

The day I married my wife, I made some remarkable promises. She became my lawful wedded wife from that day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer

Nothing more to carry

Rather than store relational hurts—one at a time—in order to avoid conflict, it’s better to address them as they happen. Paul writes in his letter to Ephesus:

Stop storing

Surely we can’t avoid anger, but how can we avoid explosive arguments? For those of us who want to stop stuffing our hurts so we don’t have to carry them around

Love doesn't rage

I have a message for all you fellow gunnysackers out there. You know who you are. In marriage, you avoid saying what needs to be said. You stuff your hurts

Don't dump the gunnysack

If you’re in any relationship, you know what it means to be hurt by something that is said or done—or something that isn’t said or done.

Say it, don't store it

My wife and I went to a marriage counselor a number of years ago to get some help. He came back with a stinging diagnosis: We were “pretenders.”

Choose to love

Have you ever noticed that 1 Corinthians 13 tells you two things about what love is: Love is patient, love is kind. (13:4a) And it tells you five things regarding what love is not:

Secret to a growing marriage

Does choosing to lose come naturally to us? No way! Most of us struggle. We love to win, and we go to great lengths to avoid second place.

He gave us to each other

If choosing to lose inside your marriage relationship makes you feel a little nervous—if second place isn’t natural for you—I have great news:

Marriage is for losers

Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a clinical psychologist and writer, wrote a blogpost titled “Marriage Is for Losers.” In it, he wrote, “If marriage is going to work, it needs to become a contest

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