The unholy city

God is “the Holy One of Israel,” and His holiness must be demonstrated and recognized.

A few good men

Life’s devastating traumas can bring about ultimate blessing...

The help of humans

Sometimes God has to take strong measures to get our attention and drive certain lessons home.

Watered-down wine

God’s firm dealings are not vindictive; His intent is to cleanse and restore.

Why invite trouble?

People who persist in rebelling and inviting God’s punishment are asking for trouble...

What God wants

What God wants is no mystery—He wants thankful, trusting, faithful children.

Nature’s God

We have nowhere to turn but to the Lord, finding the resources of life in Him alone.

The day of the Lord

The timing of the day of the Lord is a secret known only to God.

Peace brokers

Not all attempts at peacemaking will succeed. But we must do our part.


If the believer becomes nervous about the demands of devotion, he should remember its delights...

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