Those who will not see

Nothing is more crucial for man’s well-being in life and eternity than finding God.

Taking opportunities

There is no substitute for the compelling simplicity of the account of saving grace in your life.

The way to a man’s heart

Few things can be counted on to make a man passionate more quickly than money...

“Please hurry, Lord”

When temptations come, reaction time is cut to a minimum. That’s why prayer must be instantaneous and urgent.

Street smarts

While earthly treasure can become a spiritual trap and liability, it can also be a useful tool and asset.

The empty tomb

Jesus’ resurrection is the Father’s seal of validation that His death takes away our sins.

An honest day’s pay?

Grace in the workplace should never be far from the believer’s mind, and kindness at work will never be out of place.

Fulcrum of faith, level of love

Jesus didn’t call His disciples to isolation; He called them to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

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