The big hitter

Guilt is huge… and heavy. Like a lead anchor strapped to our feet, our sins both big and small from the past can submerge us...

Focused for you

Fathers can be busy people. Oftentimes they have jobs that will require all their attention, energy, and time.

Giving credit where it’s due

The past few weeks, we’ve been looking at several different aspects of who God the Father is, talking about what...

God’s patience toward you

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that people often build their view of God based on what their earthly fathers are like.

Grace is God

We are constantly bombarded and judged in the world because of our performance, our appearance, and our possessions.

Your passionate Father

I love the passages that talk about God being compassionate.

The God who hears you

How important would you feel if your father had 3 billion kids’ phone numbers in his iPhone 4S, and you were just one of them?

The God paradox

Maybe it was through art, maybe through fiery, angry sermons. I don’t know where...

Your perfect provision, NOW

Sometimes people put unreasonable expectations on God. We expect things that He never promised and then...

You are set apart

I did a chapel for the Milwaukee Brewers a number of years ago. That was a big deal. Where I used to live...

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