For the good of your kids

God created marriage to strip away our flesh and make us more like Jesus. If we bail on marriage to get away from this pain, however, we actually cause more of it.

Burning your bridges

Winning a war takes devoted commitment to a cause. When an army burns a bridge behind them on their way to a battle, they are cutting off their only possibility of retreat...

Marriage is a BIG team effort

People who feel they have strong marriages are 140% more likely to be in a healthy small group than those who are struggling with their marriage.

Are you completely complete?

My wife is not Jesus. But even after being raised by a pastor, going to Bible school, and graduating from seminary, I believed she was Jesus.

What really makes you happy?

Christian colleges can be like meat markets. Church single groups can be the same. Sometimes I wonder if the singles in those classes are into God or into the look of the person next to them.

Is marriage still relevant?

A few years back, the Pew Poll reported that 44% of Americans under 30 believe marriage is heading for extinction, but 95% of Americans want to get married someday. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Truth to set your marriage free

Late one night, about five years ago, my wife and I found ourselves sitting in our kitchen. We started talking and it went something like this...

How you can get in line with God's spirit

Hopefully we’ve put some meat on the skeleton of “A great marriage comes from two people walking in the Spirit, loving one another.” Now I’m going to ask you to take another step.

Are you doing good for the wrong reasons?

Recognizing the flesh is easy when it has negative expressions. It’s easy to see the junk when “performance flesh” burns us out, when “superior flesh” lashes out, or when “caretaker flesh” perpetuates destructive relationships...

What's nailed to your cross?

True Christianity is pretty crazy stuff. Its ways are so backwards from the things we have learned—so much so, that we might overlook the principles...

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