A few powerful words

In the presence of Jesus, demons become wimps instantly. How? By power and authority – two expressions of His greater strength.

From bullies to wimps

I switched schools in the fifth grade. Back then, I wasn’t 6'5"; I was small and gangly and new. One day at recess I headed outside, but no one wanted to play...

The source matters

I think I met a demon in the Philippines while I was on a mission trip with a basketball team. I was walking into a small town when a frail woman...

One at a time

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? If being an instrument of God means helping the helpless, then where do we start? Needs are everywhere!

One thing

When Jesus is living through us, our lives look a lot like His. I was reading in the book of Acts when I noticed Paul visited a village and entered

Beat-up guitars

When a masterful musician plays an instrument, no one stands to praise the instrument. No, all praise goes to the master.

The Father is pleased

It’s one thing to realize your primary purpose is to be God’s kid. It’s another thing to believe that being God’s kid is enough to please Him.

Why am I here?

A number of years ago, my dad met a young man in a coffee shop. He asked him, “Tell me your story.” Who are you? Why are you here?

What WILL Jesus do?

For many years the church has taught to overcome temptation by doing what Jesus did. If I were teaching how to overcome temptation from a “What WOULD Jesus do?”

Satan's M.O.

Jewish rabbis called Satan Kategor. It sounds a lot like our word categorize, doesn’t it? Categorize means to separate or divide. Satan accomplishes

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