Countered with contentment

Have you ever been through the grocery store checkout line when a toddler declares she wants a candy bar? The parent keeps saying no, but the toddler won’t concede.

What do you need?

We have an awesome friend who owns time-shares around the world, giving him access to some beautiful condos in certain places at different times.

Fun and fortune

Larry was a man who’d lost everything. It had been two days since he’d eaten. So he went into a diner, ordered his food, and pretended to lose his wallet.

Prepare to disburse

What is a blessed person supposed to do with a little extra cash? We have lots of choices: Put some in a 401K and an IRA. When those are full...

The Samaritan way

Don’t you love being friends with a gift-giver? These friends are special. They’re detail people who know your drink order at Starbucks better than your barista does.

The heart follows

In Acts 20:35, Paul cites Jesus when he writes, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Yet here’s some interesting trivia for you: We don’t have a record of Jesus saying

Unintended blessings

A region of India was infested with rats, so the leaders got together and decided to pay citizens for rat pelts. Sounds brilliant, right?

Unnecessary pursuit

Here’s something your credit card company won’t tell you: In Christ, you lack nothing. You don’t need to buy that item. You have Jesus.

Only the lonely

There once was a king who collected. Solomon was the most blessed man in all of history. His life was Eden on steroids...

The comma of grace

There’s a small pause between hearing the lie and believing the lie. When someone or something tries to tell you, “You’re missing out,” grab that thought and stop

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