Your holiday stress-buster

Giving thanks to God is clearly appropriate, isn’t it? It’s just right to “acknowledge with Gratitude” our dependence on Him for “benefits received.” For those of us who are learning...

The Thessalonian Thanksgiving

Life is busy. It is and always has been. I know we look back at life 200 years ago as if it were more simple and less demanding, but imagine trying to put together a new country from the ashes of war.

Between the sidewalk and the sky

Today’s devotional comes courtesy of my friend Todd, who once wrote this… During bedtime prayers with my little boy a couple of years ago, I was praying my usual words when he jumped in...

Hope for us thieves

The two men hung together in the midday heat—an unlikely couple brought together by horrific circumstances. In a matter of hours, Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God...

A letter for your heart

Some time ago, my mother shared with me a letter that had been found in the office of a young pastor in Zimbabwe, Africa: I am part of the Fellowship of the unashamed...

An act of grace

The church in Corinth was quite wealthy. The church in Jerusalem was rather poor and under a severe famine for several years. Many in Jerusalem were starving to death. So Paul asked some of the wealthy churches to donate money. The church in Corinth said...

Where's your heart?

More years ago than I care to count, I traveled to Colombia with a sports team to experience the culture. So naturally, one night we ate at McDonald’s. A beggar was sitting by the front door with his hand out. I passed him by at first, but a tug on my heart told me...

The big shift

The very basics of Christianity really are backwards from what we would expect. We die to live. When we are weak, we are strong. In most cases, we can look at what the world says...

Rejoicing in your robes

I love those police dramas when one of the officers gets separated from all his buddies. He’s on a dark street and it’s night (and, of course, the street is always wet for some reason).

Standing firm in your righteousness

Satan is smart and very tricky. If he can get you asking the wrong question, you’ll never come up with the right answer. If you’re a Christian, the wrong question is, “How do I make myself righteous?”

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