Jesus wants me to what?

Who is your enemy? You know the person—the one whose very name spikes your blood pressure. The person you avoid if at all possible.

A new, old way of loving

Jesus was willing to break the rules in order to love people. Now the question we need to ask is: Which rules were breakable?

Do you know the way of a rascal?

When looking at all the ways Jesus challenged the rule police of His day, my mom likes to say, “Isn’t Jesus a rascal!” She’s absolutely right.

Removing obstacles to love

I have a pastor friend who did a church swap. He and his wife went to Scotland for a summer, and the pastor from Scotland came here to Dallas.

An unruly leading

Rule keepers struggle to love rule breakers. But if the Church is called to love a world full of rule breakers, then examining the Church's own unspoken rules is important.

Examining lost ground

A while back, I was invited to join a group of local pastors for the prescreening of The Passion of the Christ.

Out with the old, in with the new

Once we admit we’re messy, what will Jesus do with our mess? In Luke 5:36-37, Jesus shares a parable with the Pharisees—the tidy-makers.

Admitting messiness

The Pharisees were a great example of tidy people trying to make tidy clones. Because they didn’t identify as sinners, they had no need for a Savior.

Keeping ill company

Jesus isn’t repelled by our messiness. In fact, He has this habit of throwing open the doors of love to messy people. He did it all the time.

There's no such thing as Jesus repellant

The Church has lots of well-intended but callous advice for messy people. To people who have lost everything—marriage, children, health, or jobs—

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