The opposite of laziness

When we consider unanswered prayers, doubt creeps in. He could have saved my child, my marriage, or my job. We suspect God’s follow-through

Can I be sure?

Is it possible to be absolutely sure dawn is coming—that our salvation will be there for us at the end? I had a friend who was troubled over this question.

The better things

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, finds people returning unwanted gifts in search of something better. Many people approach faith with a modern

Take a drink

Survival teaches us to sustain life with the tangible tools around us. Broken branches become shelter. Roots become food. Pine needles become kindling.

How many times will we crucify Him?

I know a gal who’d been accepted to graduate school, awarded scholarships, and was even signed up for classes. Yet she struggled to order her textbooks.

Experience from the edge

Have you ever been at the pool when “Jimmy,” tries the high dive for the first time? He climbs the ladder, walks to the edge, but then he freezes.

Real and present danger

It’s nice to be warned ahead of time that a bridge is out up ahead. Warnings allow us to evaluate the risk. Our text in Hebrews provides a warning...

Taken forward into Jesus

If you’ve talked with a college senior recently, chances are you’ve asked the following question: “What field are you going into?”And the answer is usually something

Elementary graduation

A child who experiences trauma or loss often faces developmental challenges. As stress enters her life, large levels of cortisol affect her cognitive abilities. It’s as though

Do you prefer milk or meat?

By design, our bodies cannot survive solely on liquids. Think about it: the body can survive on water alone for days until the metabolic processes start shutting down.

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