The gift of eyes and ears

Rather than taking sight and hearing for granted, these faculties should be understood as great gifts from God.

Words are few

Words can be weapons to wound, medicine to heal, a messenger to convey good news, or an instrument to play a happy tune.

Enjoying joy

To be “in the Lord” kept in His love, guarded by His grace, comforted with His compassion, convinced of His faithfulness, and secure in His hand.

Enemies of the cross

Enemies of the cross see no need for forgiveness, and they resent those who suggest they do!

Bragging rights

Paul had a religious heritage that would impress anyone... and he disavowed it all!

The supporting role

Even a casual glance at Paul’s letters reveals his deep indebtedness to his supporting cast.

A dark world

Let your lives shine” is not a suggestion—it’s an order!

Get a life

Christ is a cause worth living for, and one worth dying for.

Endangered species

The godly believe that truth is precious and that people are important.

Teaching the teachable

“Teach the wise, and they will be wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn more.”

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