Myths about life, death, and eternity

I love inventing words. One of my favorites is “mythstake.” A mythstake is a combination of a mistake and a myth. I keep checking in Webster’s dictionary...

The truth about heaven and hell

I could talk about heaven all day long. Hell, on the other hand… not so much. Why not focus on the positive? Well, for one thing, Jesus spoke more about hell that he actually did heaven

Heavenly minded AND earthly good

Is it possible to be "so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good"? I don't think so, actually. Having the truth about heaven in our minds puts everything else in perspective.

The unpopular truth

To be honest, I really don't like preaching "hell, fire, and brimstone". It always reminds me of red, puffy faced bald men with neckties that are way too tight.

Between the sidewalk and the sky

Today’s devotional comes courtesy of my friend Todd, who once wrote this: During bedtime prayers with my little boy several years ago, I was praying my usual words when he jumped in

The Thessalonian Thanksgiving

Life is busy. It is and always has been. I know we look back at life 200 years ago as if it were more simple and less demanding, but imagine trying to put together a new country in the ashes of war.

Give thanks. Today.

Wow, that about says it all, doesn’t it? While the smoke and blood of the U.S. Civil War was billowing and flowing, Lincoln called everyone to a day of “Thanksgiving and Praise”—just as Paul...

Your antidote for sin

Philo was a philosopher who lived both before and after Jesus (20 BC-50 AD)—a brilliant guy living in the most incredible period of all history. I looked up the word antidote in the dictionary.

Your holiday stress-buster

Giving thanks to God is clearly appropriate, isn’t it? It’s just right to “acknowledge with Gratitude” our dependence on Him for “benefits received.” For those of us who are learning...

An act of grace

The church in Corinth was quite wealthy. Okay, so they were pretty loaded. The church in Jerusalem was rather poor to start with and for several years, they were also under a severe famine.

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