Staying strong when your body weakens

Imagine you're sitting in the office of your family physician… but this isn't just any doctor, it's the office of the Great Physician. You thought it was just a routine visit...

Looking beyond the physical

Despite its complexity, and despite its importance, the human body is vulnerable to things it was never designed to withstand.

Settling in for the long haul

Your body is a living sacrifice—an instrument of righteousness in the hands of God. That is a good reason to be joyful if I’ve ever seen one!

Your essential earth suit

Just as a spacesuit keeps an astronaut alive, the body is essential for our earthly existence.

You are His masterpiece

When God sculpted humanity in His image, an amazing amount of detail went into the works, resulting in an amazing, intricate masterpiece.

Reality checkup for you

God wants you to praise Him for the way He has made you, and to thank Him, by faith, for your body.

What can wash away your sin?

Sin is a give-and-take ordeal. We do it, and it is often done to us. Even if it wasn’t your “fault,” the sins done to you can leave you under a heavy weight of shame and filth.

Extreme Makeover: YOU Edition!

God is in the business of remodeling. He is able to transform our spirits and our minds, and one day He’ll even transform our bodies.

God working through you

Without God living through us, it wouldn’t just be difficult to live the Christian life; it would be impossible.

Your divine protection

We are constantly bombarded with temptation in this world. But God says that He will give us a way out when we need it, and because He is in us, He will walk us through it.

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