Christ in you, the hope of glory

What really matters is not who you are, but Who is in you. It’s our glorious riches… the great mystery: “Christ in you.”

The Christian faith is a mystery

According to Scripture, a mystery is something formerly hidden in God from all human eyes, but now revealed through Christ and made understandable to His people by the Holy Spirit.

What's the story of your life?

Between birth and the casket, there are an unknown number of days God gives us to live for His purposes in our physical body.

Waiting for your ultimate victory

Yes, one day your body will be gloriously changed. But for now, it’s a tool waiting to be used by God to bring glory to His name.

Your body and the eternal Word

I believe that our bodies are a temporary gift which need to be cared for, but they are given for a purpose—to live and proclaim the eternal life-giving Truth of God’s words.

Living in light of the eternal

There’s a very tangible sense of peace that comes with aligning your beliefs with what’s true about the death and resurrection of your body.

How to focus on eternity

Yes, our physical bodies will decay, die, and decompose, but we will be resurrected, and our spiritual bodies will have an imperishable glory and power.

What happens when you die?

When the body dies, our spirit is freed from tangible flesh and we can be with the Lord at home—where we belong.

Finding comfort in the face of death

If we’re honest, we must face the fact that all of us will die physically. But believing the truth about death can bring life into clearer, more purposeful focus.

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